Turning CO2 into eco-fuel

Research team from the Research Center for Materials in Freiburg (Freiburg Materials Research Center), led by professor MD. Ingo Crossing is developing a new system to produce methanol from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. They hope soon to be able to use the energy of CO2 in a larger scale in a sustainable form of energy production.

fossil fuel power stations - co2 emissions

fossil fuel power stations – co2 emissions

In order to produce methanol, Crossing and his associates combine carbon dioxide with hydrogen under conditions of high pressure process known as hydroghenolisse. Many of the participants in the survey have years of dealing with the study of methanol.

Our goal is to develop a new method of integration of both substances in order to accelerate chemical reactions even more – say researchers.

To achieve that goal, they use metal oxides of copper, zinc and zirconium as catalysts, which allow coming to the reaction even and the low temperatures, so there is no need to spend energy for previously heated gases. Catalysts together form a solid porous material, who if composed of nanoparticles, its activity becomes much higher.

Researchers have also experimented with techniques for catalysts that are impregnated with ionized liquids as salts in liquid, covering the catalyst with a thin layer. This helps with merger of the catalyst with CO2 and hydrogen, with which quickly is released methanol and water. Scientists are convinced that in two years will be able to produce large amounts of methanol using this technique.

The basic idea is to use CO2 that is emitted from power plants or green plants by filtering exhaust gases. Thus the resulting methanol could be used in most vehicles. According to their calculations, if you take 10% of annual CO2 emissions in Germany for methanol, it would have met the annual needs of the country for fuel.


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