Solar systems

Solar systems and some prerequisites for their use

Solar systems due to the possibility for the production of sanitary hot water and high degree of energy efficiency, without having to pollute the environment are worldwide trend. Looking the advantage of solar systems and the savings they made in terms of electricity, have led many states and governments to invest or to stimulate the development of solar systems.

solar panels

solar panels

Solar systems provide high quality and safe use of one of the largest free source of energy by means of solar panels that absorb energy from the sun or the sun’s rays and using that energy to heat the water which is used as domestic hot water or heated water central heating. This system allows 80% of water heating that is needed for a household. With the help of solar systems or solar collectors it is possible to heat the water in the pools too. Also in recent years are developing and are in use solar power generation systems or photovoltaic systems for electricity production.

Solar hot water production systems consist of:

  • Solar panels or solar collectors that are usually mounted on the roof of the house,
  • tank (water heater) for the storage of hot water,
  • installation of pipes through passes fluid which heats sanitary water used in the house and
  • supporting equipment for a safe and smooth operation of the system, which is composed of a circulation pump, solar controller, valves, measuring instruments, etc. It is recommended that the equipment has to be designed for solar systems (no heating) because it is made to withstand higher temperatures.

Rational use of hot water, which is obtained from this system does not require heating boiler with extra energy in most months of the year. Lack felt during the winter months due to weak solar influence and then we have to warm up water in the boiler by means of electricity.

solar panels installation

solar panels installation

Fluid that flows through the collector or the system is not water, that collectors are filled with environmentally friendly antifreeze-glycol so that allows the system to be durable even at low temperatures in winter.

With the use of solar systems saves of energy are up to 60% annually.

What conditions are needed for optimal utilization of solar systems?

Besides the equipment that is an integral part of the solar system very important is and geographical location.Also important is the orientation of the collectors themselves. Recommended is south or southwest orientation. The space where the panels are is desirable to be visually clear to the sun, with no shadow of another object or timber.

Additionally important is the angle of the placement of solar panels, depending on the needs of the facility. Usually the set is at 45 degrees for sanitary hot water. The angle can vary from 30 to 60 degrees depending on the needs of the facility (hot water or heating) at different times during the year.

How to choose or dimensioned solar system?

Solar systems are dimensioned under hot water facility needs or the needs of the residents living in it. There is a calculation according to the amount of hot water consumption. Think of little, medium or comfortable daily amount of water, ie from 40 to 60 liters per person.

For a family of four commonly used or most wanted is a boiler with a capacity of 200 liters. Due to the increasing absorption of new generations of solar collectors it is recommended boilers with larger capacities such as 300 and 500 liters, to receive and preserve heat gains. Larger amount of water in the boiler, which is pre-heated, it is difficult to cool and spent in cloudy days or when there is no sun on the sky.


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