Wind Parks and Green Buildings

The world’s largest wind park started working

Wind Park - "London Array"

Wind Park – “London Array”

The world’s largest wind park “London Array” celebrate the start of work with the release of 175 consecutive working windmills. Although construction was completed in December last year, just now all turbines began supplying the national electricity network of Great Britain. Wind Park “London Array” has a total installed capacity of 630MW.

The wind park is situated 20 kilometers from the coast of Kent County and will supply with electricity the south east of England. Wind turbines with an individual capacity of 3,6 MW extend over an area of about 90 square kilometers.

The English government supported the construction of the wind park in the distant 2006, while the construction of the park began in March 2011. The construction of the wind park was completed in December 2012.

“London Array is an important achievement in the field of renewable energy,” said Tony Cocker director of the company “E-ON UK” which was co-owner of the wind park, with companies “Dong Energy” and “Masdar”.

The world’s largest operating wind park built on the sea, will produce electricity that will be sufficient to meet the needs of nearly half a million households and will also reduce harmful emissions of carbon dioxide by 900,000 tons per year level. Said Cocker.

In Seattle greenest building is open to the world

Almost at the same time precisely on Earth Day, on April 22 in Seattle is open greenest commercial building in the world called “Bullitt Center”.

greenest building

Seattle greenest building

This building has a total area of 4.645m2 and has a long list of environmental features. Built from sustainable materials, has specialized composting toilets and systems for collecting rainwater. The complete energy needs of this building are obtained by using solar energy, which is quite impressive considering the small number of sunny days in Seattle.

A complete system for getting electricity in other words complete solar system for electricity is set on the roof of this building. The system for collecting rainwater is going to meet all the needs for water.

Additional FSC certified wood panels, composting toilets, and systems utilizing geothermal energy, talk about why this building won the title of greenest building in the world.


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