Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources, Three Generations

What is the purpose of renewable energy sources? Renewable energy sources are those that cannot be exhausted, that provide a sufficient amount of energy and at the same time they are non-polluting. As more and more we have a reduction of  supply of fossil fuels, which have been the driving force behind the industrial revolution, so this, clean energy, begin to attract more and more attention in the world economy and the energy market.

Of course, without energy we cannot live, we are used to our easy life where we have hot water, electricity, internet access or mobile phones. But we must take into account that even the food that is on our plate also spent a lot of energy before she arrived there. It had grown, irrigated, pick up, transport, pack … so energy is required for everything, even your body is constantly burning energy to maintain all of its operational processes .

How renewable energy’s increasingly come into play, in retrospect for the last 100 years now they can be divided into three phases.

renewable energy sources

renewable energy sources

The first phase refers to the earliest sources of renewable energy, some of which are still in use today. Mainly it is talking about hydroelectric energy using water for energy production, which will continue to be able to use for the industry or households. We can also mention the geothermal power plant , but they are suitable for only a few basin in the world and will never be able to have a wide application .

In the second generation there was a major shift . Production of  solar collectors had begun that collect energy from the largest nuclear furnace that we’ve ever seen , our Sun. Although some of the energy is lost and dissipated upon arrival to the Earth, or is absorbed by the atmosphere, part of which went to an umber of countries in regions of the world with high absorption is quite sufficient to produce large amounts of energy.

solar collectors

solar collectors

Third generation refers to technologies that are the newest one or are still in development and are tested on only a few places in the world. One is using  biomass as fuel. The process is really simple , any biomass that has a carbon content above 70 % is suitable to bring out its energy.

With biomass which joins the still tireless solar energy that we met in the second generation, we have water turbines that are driven by high tide and ebb tide. Produce huge amounts of energy and at the same time are completely silent and slow enough in order not to harm the citizens of the deep sea.

We are witnessing the daily emergence of new alternatives to coal and oil , development of new  processes and methods in order to generate a balanced and sustainable production of clean and green energy. The solution is not a single, the key is in the combination and interplay of these new technologies that will in a few decades remove  the crown from the head of fossil fuels.

Until that day, our advice is to keep your planet, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, lights if you’re not in the room and unplug unnecessary devices currently.


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