Windmills, Why They Are Useful

They are known as machines driven by wind power. They are constructed  to collect the kinetic energy of the wind and their biggest and most important role is that they have the ability to convert wind energy into electricity. Windmills are always working together to force their action to be  stronger and more efficient.

Energy windmills

Energy windmills

Today we live in a society where it has become fashionable to think ecologically and act a little more in tune with nature. Those who agree with this build homes with solar panels and take care  that their environmental impact is reduced to a minimum.

Windmills are part of one big story, and it is interesting how they all work and provide us with much needed electricity. They are working as a farm, which means together, because only in this way they can produce a greater amount of electricity.

They are always placed at a sufficient distance from one another in the places with large wind power. Featured farms have a capacity of several MW, and by far the largest and most famous farm is located in Ireland. It contains about 200 windmills, while the price is around $ 600 million dollars.

Before installation of wind turbines is good to examine several factors and the most important is the speed of the wind. The first and main task is to measure the wind speed at the target areas.

There are two types of turbines, horizontal and vertical. Vertical are rarer, and with them the shaft is connected to a vertical axis perpendicular to the ground. Horizontal can not rotate itself but are using the yaw-adjustment mechanism. Anyway the principle of power generation is the same. The wind drives the rotor that transmits kinetic energy to the rotor. The rotor is then connected to a shaft which transmits the mechanical energy. This energy then travels to the generator, which is composed of magnets and guides. When the guide (wire) is surrounded by magnets  tension is created inside this wire and suddenly we have electricity.



As each device that has its weak points it is also the case with wind turbines that can not sufficiently reduce the power to generate electricity. That is why S. Frayne found a new way of generating electricity. His invention relies on a thin membrane that oscillates under the influence of wind.


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